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BSNL Corporate office has proposed to Recognize the majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL by holding the First BSNL executive membership verification.

View letter copy of Calling up of applications reg.

View letter copy of Facilities to be extended to applicant Associations reg.                                                                       

LAST UPDATED 21.10.2014, 16:30 Hrs


      An open session was organised by SNEA(I) MP at Arera Telephone Exchange Bhopal on 17/10/2014. Our CHQ President Com G.L.Jogi , GS Com. K. Sebestin , CP, CS,CS AIGETOA Com P.N.Goutam and CS SEWA BSNL Com R.K.Raikwar  addressed the meeting of all executives of Bhopal(irrespective of association). Click here for clips of address of Com G.L.Jogi. Courtesy our com. Ali Akbar DE (System) GMTD Bhopal. Session compared by ACS-1 Com.Sumit Saxena. This complete program was hosted by all five branches of SNEA(I) Bhopal.

View photographs of visit of SNEA CHQ and Circle leaders to Mandsaur. (photos 1 to 68). The GB meeting of Mandsaur on 16.10.2014 was addressed by CHQ President Com GL Jogi, GS Com K Sebastin, CP Com S Dutta Majumdar, CS Com Alok Shrivastava, CVP Com Sandeep Sirohi, CWC Com RK Sutrakar, DGM Mandsaur Shri AK Ahirwar, DS AIGETOA Mandsaur Shri Ravi Nagar and Shri Manish Raizada of AIGETOA Mandsaur. Welcome Speech was given by DS SNEA Mandsaur Com KL Parihar. GB Meeting was compered by Area Secy Indore Com BK Singh. Photographs sent by AS Indore. The hospitality shown by Mandsaur comrades was out-standing by all in general, and Com AS Tiwari, JTO Elect Mandsaur, in particular.

View photographs of District Conference of Ratlam. (photos 69 to 76). The Open Session of the District Conference of Ratlam on 16.10.2014 was addressed by CHQ President Com GL Jogi, GS Com K Sebastin, CP Com S Dutta Majumdar and CS Com Alok Shrivastava.  Area Secy Indore Com BK Singh, CVP Com Sandeep Sirohi, CWC Com RK Sutrakar, DS AIGETOA Ratlam Shri Manish Talera, DS AIBSNLEA Ratlam Shri RK Desai and DS SNEA Mandsaur Com KL Parihar were also present. Welcome Speech was given by DS SNEA Ratlam Com KG Parekh. Photographs sent by active Com Mausam Dixit, newly appointed JTO.



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