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        BSNL Corporate office has proposed to Recognize the majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL by holding the First BSNL executive membership verification.

View letter copy of Calling up of applications reg.

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LAST UPDATED 29.10.2014, 12:30 Hrs


With extreme grief, we bring to you the sad news of the demise of father of Shri Vishal Saxena  JTO MSC (Saket) & father-in-law of Smt Anjali Saxena  JTO  (CDMA) Bhopal  on 29.10.2014 at Bhopal. Funeral will take place at Bhadbhada at 11:00 Hrs on 30.10.2014. SNEA MP Circle prays to the Almighty to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis and for bearing this irreparable loss. We also pray so that the eternal soul rests in peace.


DRC meeting of Circle Office branch held on 28/10/2014 in Hotel Pleasure Inn M.P. Nagar Bhopal. Com. Manish Khare , Com. R. K. Deepak  and Com. Pankaj Gupta   elected unanimously as DP, DS and DT respectively. It was followed by an open session having subject "Policy or Quality of service - Reason for dip in BSNL revenue", Sr. GM (NWO) CFA  Shri Rajesh Gupta, Sr GM(HR & A) Shri Prakash Ballal, GM(EB) Shri Sandeep Sawarkar & GM(NP) CFA Shri C.L.S. Yadav addressed the open session. Com S.Dutta Majumdar, Com Alok Shrivastava & Com R.K. Deepak also addressed the session.  Vote of thanks was given by Com. Manish Khare. CVP Com Arvind Saxena was also present. 


CEC Indore plus CHQ President and GS tour of MP

               CEC of SNEA (I) MP was held on 14th and 15th Oct 2014 at Akshat Garden, Footi Kothi, Indore. CHQ President Com G.L.Jogi and GS Com K Sebastin attended the CEC on 15th Oct 14 and then visited Mandsaur, Ratlam and Bhopal SSAs along with CP Com. S. Dutta Majumdar &  CS Com Alok Shrivastava. Details are as given below:


          CEC at Indore started with flag hosting by CP. After prayer, delegate discussion started. CS presented his report in house since the last CEC with details of CHQ, Circle, BSNL related and agitational activities of this period.  View CS Report.

        Circle Treasurer Com. M.K.Sharma presented CT report. Area Secretaries and District Secretaries have presented their reports regarding   membership, issues and financial status of the SSA / branch.

          Out of 37 branches, only 4 branches i.e. Morena, Sidhi, Balaghat and Betul did not send any delegate to the CEC but Morena and Betul at least, had the courtesy of sending their quota through other branches to the CEC.

Following are the important discussions and resolution passed :


       CHQ President and GS attended the CEC of  SNEA (I) at Indore. GS addressed the house and provided details  regarding  HR issues , agitational programs, membership verification, promotions, standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefits, court cases etc.

      In the open session on subject “Digital India- An opportunity for BSNL”, CS/MP Com. Alok Shrivastava, in his opening remarks, gave the details regarding opportunities for BSNL to earn revenue from the Digital India program and also the challenges in front of BSNL.  GS Com K Sebastin, in his address, gave details of NOFN project where BSNL is just a contractor, the last mile connectivity ,where BSNL is having a monopoly, as on today, will be surrendered to BBNL, in the long run, the services offered to state Govt/ Universities/ colleges/ schools etc may be diverted to BBNL,  need to improve BSNL transmission network by replacing the old/damaged cables, recent media report quoting Hon PM that BSNL OF network will be purchased back by Govt for rolling out Digital India etc are the challenges before us. Chief guest Sr GM(HR & A)/ MP Circle Shri Prakash Ballal and Sr.GMTD/Indore Shri Piyush Khare addressed the CEC  and gave  the  details that how  revenue can be generated from NOFN project and also proper use of man power asset of the company .  Circle president MP Com. S. Dutta Majumdar in addition to the subject also touched the HR issues of MP Circle. CHQ President Com. G. L. Jogi in his address, gave the details of wrong policy decisions of BSNL management like in GSM tender, illegal 3G intra circle roaming, WiMax spectrum etc and struggle of SNEA (I) against these wrong policies.

          The open session was also addressed by All India President SNATTA Com Manish Samadhiya, CS AIBSNLOA Com. R.K. Narang, ACS AIGETOA Com. Nitin Soni and ACS BSNLEU Com. BK Parsai. DS BSNLEU Indore Shri Prakash Sharma, DS AIBSNLEA Indore Com Sudhanshu Umdekar, DS NFTE Indore Com CP Joshi, CHQ OB Circle Co-ordinator SNATTA Com Yogesh Bakshi, CP SNATTA Com Shailendra Singh Rathore, CS SNATTA Com Md Siraj, IFA indore Shri Garhwal, TDM Dhar Shri JK Verma, DGM Ratlam Shri Sandeep Bhavsagar, DGM Indore Shri Ashish Sanghi, DGM Indore Shri Akhilesh Gupta, DGM Indore Sh Pravin Bhagwat, DGM CM Indore Shri HL Kushwaha and other officers of BSNL Indore were also present in this open session. Nearly more than 100 TTA to JTO promotees, who were all in SNATTA, along with their leader, All India President SNATTA Com Manish Samadhiya joined SNEA MP.

         The open session was very nicely compered by EX-CP SNEA Com Rakesh Tiwari. The CEC was also attended by CHQ OBs ex-Joint Secy Central Com RA Gupta and ex-Joint Secy Central Com Harsh Kaul, ex-CVP Shri HK Shrivastava and Ex-DS Indore Shri Shailendra Porwal. The credit for nice hosting of CEC by SNEA Indore goes to DS SNEA Indore Shri SK Joshi, DP SNEA Indore Shri Ajay Sharma and their committed team of SNEA Indore.


The GB meeting of Mandsaur on 16.10.2014 was addressed by CHQ President Com GL Jogi, GS Com K Sebastin, CP Com S Dutta Majumdar, CS Com Alok Shrivastava, CVP Com Sandeep Sirohi, CWC Com RK Sutrakar, DGM Mandsaur Shri AK Ahirwar, DS AIGETOA Mandsaur Shri Ravi Nagar and Shri Manish Raizada of AIGETOA Mandsaur. Welcome Speech was given by DS SNEA Mandsaur Com KL Parihar. GB Meeting was compered by Area Secy Indore Com BK Singh.

The Open Session of the District Conference of Ratlam on 16.10.2014 was addressed by CHQ President Com GL Jogi, GS Com K Sebastin, CP Com S Dutta Majumdar and CS Com Alok Shrivastava.  Area Secy Indore Com BK Singh, CVP Com Sandeep Sirohi, CWC Com RK Sutrakar, DS AIGETOA Ratlam Shri Manish Talera, DS AIBSNLEA Ratlam Shri RK Desai and DS SNEA Mandsaur Com KL Parihar were also present. Welcome Speech was given by DS SNEA Ratlam Com KG Parekh.


         An open session was organised by SNEA (I) MP at Arera Telephone Exchange Bhopal on 17/10/2014. Our CHQ President Com G.L. Jogi, GS Com. K. Sebastin, CP, CS, CS AIGETOA Com P.N. Gautam and CS SEWA BSNL Com R.K. Raikwar  addressed the meeting of all executives of Bhopal (irrespective of Associations). 

        CHQ President Com G L Jogi in his address at Bhopal, Indore, Mandsaur and Ratlam explained the role played by the employees of BSNL and especially the leading role of SNEA in safeguarding the interest of BSNL. Our struggle saved BSNL from disinvestment and unbundling of copper cable. Wrong policies of the Govt which favoured the private operators, really made BSNL sick. BSNL never got support from the Govt, whenever it needed. SNEA, alongwith others, struggled a) against arbitrarily discontinuing ADC, b) against CDMA roaming by Reliance, c) to save the 45.5 million tender in 2007, d) BWA spectrum refund, e) 3G roaming etc. We have to be cautious on BSNL-MTNL merger, BBNL, subsidiary tower company etc etc. On cadre issues, Com President explained how the cadre has been uplifted since 1980s, first in 1986 by pay scale upgradation, in 1990 by introduction of lateral advancement or Time bound promotion in the cadre of JTO and SDE in DoT alone, pay scale upgradation in 1996 along with Group B gazetted status which ensured the absorption of JTO alone as an Executive in BSNL in the basic cadre, another hike in pay scale to E1A in BSNL, when BSNL offered E1 scale etc. All this achievements are result of continuous struggle. SNEA (erstwhile TEOA) was the only one Assn which opposed the absorption just for an Adhoc payment of Rs 2000. Assn alone struggled for terms and condition for absorption in BSNL like E1A, E2A, --- E6 pay scales, five time bound promotions within 4 to 6 years and point to point fitment. EPF issue with 12% of emoluments without the ceiling of Rs 6500/ was settled by SNEA in August 2005. TBP policy introduced in 2007, 2nd PRC report implemented in BSNL, BSNL MS RR notified in 2009 breaking the bottleneck of JTS/ADET prevailed in DoT/BSNL, more than 18,500 JTOs promoted as SDEs since 2000, more than 3500 SDEs promoted as DEs and about 450 DEs promoted as DGMs. 

       GS in his address, reminded the comrades that through continuous struggle during the last three decades, we could make significant improvements in the career of each and every Executive, because, we were led by stalwarts like Com M. K. Bagchi, Com W. Seshagiri Rao and Com G. L. Jogi. Three upward revisions in the pay scales (1986, 1996 and 2000 in BSNL), instead of just one time bound promotion after 12 years in DoT, now we are having 5 TB promotions each after 5 years, hundreds of DR JTOs retired even without a single functional promotion but now promoted officers are reaching upto DGM posts etc, are some of the significant milestones. We could end ITS absorption issue in 2012. Another major breakthrough was the amendment in BSNLMS RR in January, 2014 to end adhocism by increasing the quota from 50% to 75%. We could fill all the DE vacancies as on 31.03.2014, recently by promoting about 2600 SDE/Adhoc DEs. JTO (C/E) to SDE (C/E) promotions in both quota became current. Promotion to Adhoc DGM for around 425 DEs is in the final stage.

      JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion order could not be issued due to court cases. However the preparatory work for about 3200 vacancies already completed. Meanwhile the preparatory work for another 1300 vacancies already started which will make the DPC current. Assn engaged the best legal team to defend the court case and we are hopeful that positive result will come in the near future. Meanwhile efforts are being made to conduct the LDCE for all the vacancy years to make JTO to SDE promotion also current in both quotas. Assn is also pleading for JAO to AO promotions for all the vacancies. 

      Future agenda of the Assn is to ensure 3rd PRC implementation for BSNL Executives, implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruits, TB functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy etc. For this struggle already started by SNEA in February, 2014 and good progress is made especially on pay scale issue. The next phase of the struggle will be launched if the issues are not resolved shortly, and he appealed to all the comrades to get ready for that. Revival of BSNL before 3rd PRC is the top most issue as it will automatically address other cadre issues. Revival of BSNL is in the national interest also as a strong BSNL and MTNL can protect consumer interest and control the tariff which TRAI could not do, otherwise cartelization of private operators will happen and they will loot the public as done earlier. At the time of crisis, the common man can rely upon BSNL only, which has been repeatedly established at the time of natural calamity in Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Odisha, J&K, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu and recently in AP (Vizag).

         View photos of CEC Indore 

        View Photographs sent by active Com Arvind Mahajan, SDE Indore. Photographs were taken during flag hoisting of SNEA CEC Indore, done by CP at around 1200 hours on 14.10.2014 and evening musical program of same day.

         View photos of Bhopal  meeting

        Click here for clips of addresses of Com G.L.Jogi, courtesy our Com. Ali Akbar, DE (Systems) under Sr GMTD Bhopal. 

        View photographs of visit of SNEA CHQ and Circle leaders to Mandsaur. (photos 1 to 68). 

       View photographs of District Conference of Ratlam. (photos 69 to 76).  Photographs sent by active Com Mausam Dixit, newly appointed JTO.

       District Conference of SNEA (I) GMTD Bhopal  was held at Hotel Winds and Waves, Bhopal on 12 Oct 2014 (Sunday). Sr GMTD Bhopal Shri Mahesh Shukla, CP Com S Dutta Majumdar, and CS Com Alok Shrivastava addressed the Open Session. Area Secretary Bhopal Com. S.K.Dimole, ACSs Com Sumit Saxena and Com Santosh Khare were also present. Com. D.K.Patel, DE (Int)., Com. Pankaj Sahay, DE (mobile) and Shri Alok Jain, SDE (TF) were unanimously elected as DP, DS and DT respectively. View body 



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