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LAST UPDATED 27.05.2015, 14:30 Hrs


           Sixth Circle Conference of SNEA (I) MP  started on 23/5/2015 at President Park Indore with flag hosting by CP Com S. Dutta Majumdar in the presence of CHQ President Com. G.L.Jogi, GS Comrade K. Sebastin, CS Alok Shrivastava and large number of delegates. After prayer, delegate discussion started. CS presented his report in the house since the last CRC with details of CHQ, Circle, BSNL related and agitational activities of this period.  View CS Report

        Circle Treasurer Com. M.K. Sharma presented CT report. Area Secretaries and District Secretaries presented their reports regarding   membership, issues and financial status of the SSA / branch.

          Out of 38 branches, only 2 branches i.e. Balaghat and Damoh did not send any delegate.

         GS in his address briefed all the important issues and stand of SNEA (I) like MT recruitment, 30 % superannuation benefits, TBP in four years , JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, DE to DGM promotions, FR 22(1)(a)(1) issue, standard pay scales etc.

          In the evening, Open session was held. Details to be uploaded shortly.

        In the second day of CRC, CHQ president Com. G.L. Jogi addressed the delegates on all issues related to HR and viability of BSNL.

     After detailed discussion on other issues CS thanked all COBs, DSs and each and every member of SNEA(I) for their cooperation. CP dissolved the body and Com. Manish Khare was elected as Chairman Representative Council for the election of new body .

       House elected the following office bearers for the next tenure unanimously .

Com. Alok Shrivastava

Circle President

Com. S.Dutta Majumdar

Circle Secretary

Com. Manoj Shrivastava

Circle Treasurer

Com. Ajay Sharma

CWC member-I

Com. R.K.Sutrakar

CWC Member -II

Com. Lalit Bhatiya

CWC Member -III

Com. Radheshyam Sharma


Com. Sandeep Sirohi


Com. G.P.Patel


Com. Sumit Saxena


Com. G.H.Khan


Com. D. Makhija


COM. J.L.Vishwakarma


Com. S.S. Rathore


Com. Mukesh Soni

AS Bhopal

Com. Kuldep Arya

AS Indore

Com. Pankaj Rai

AS Jabalpur

Com. Umesh Agrawal

AS Gwalior

Important discussions and resolution passed :

House unanimously passed that there should not be MT recruitment in BSNL

CEC decision of existing SNEA (I) Bhavan  to be sold out, as it is not being used, and new flat should be purchased in proper location, has been approved by CRC

                At the end, the house passed the resolution to congratulate Indore branch especially Com. Ajay shrama, Com. S.K.Joshi, Com. Sandeep Sirohi, Com. Lalit Bhatiya, Com . G.H. Khan and Com MK Sharma for organising such a splendid CRC. 

CRC Indore- President Park Indore" on 23rd & 24th May 2015

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